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          กลุ่ม หวยลาว ฮานอย มาเล แบ่งปัน ฟรี

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          Looking for a Premium hay replacement or supplement?

          Tired of inconsistent hay quality for your animals?

          ALFA TEC hay cubes and pellets are made from premium all-natural alfalfa and timothy hays. Our products offer a variety of animals a feed that is non-GMO, low in sugars and starches, packed with all natural nutrients, and consistently of premium quality.


          Testimonials: Image of a horse
          • Dave — Bell Vet Services

            We have fed ALFATEC cubes to our horses and to our client horses for about 5 years now. We have found the cubes provide us with a mold free consistent quality product that n be easily measured to ensure our staff n provide proper nutrition to the horses on a daily basis. The horses quickly adapt to the cubes even if they have not had them before. We have found cubes to be a very useful product.

            Wetaskiwin, Alberta
          • Emma Trotter Dybka & Cyty

            Mystique a PB Arabian Mare. Pictured here winning a Top 5 in the Region 17 Championship. Missy stays in shape by consistent ground work but wouldn’t look as good as she does without her AlfaTec Cubes!! I feed them 2x a day and hay at night. They help keep her belly tight, her insides healthy due to no fillers in her feed and her skin seems to shine more

          • Bridget Simon

            Using ALFA TEC products, helps to keep Radar in top shape. I n easily monitor his intake and increase or decrease the amounts he requires, depending on his conditioning required. Super easy to measure and great product for a small Equine. Radar is an 8 yr old Shetland pony. He is an all-around pony, mainly being a driving pony.

            Clyde, Alberta
          • Jaycee and Murphy

            We use Alfatec in the barn for ease of use, storage, and dust control. I Love your cubes! We have been using your cubes for a couple years now, it sure saves my life when I don't have to throw out a ton of hay that got mixed into the shavings! Thanks for making a Superior Product, and having awesome staff! I have picked up in bulk for other happy customers from time to time in the past few years and everyone in the office is just delightful!

          • Holly Braddish

            I use your pellets everyday for my 80 goats. I love how when I open the bags they smell just like fresh cut alfalfa.

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